New Church Building

A New Church Home

On October 4, 2015, Redeemer celebrated the dedication of a new church building.  Below is some information about the planning and construction of our new church home.

Building Design

Below is an architectural rendition of the church building exterior.  The building was designed by fl+WB, with Justin Greenleaf serving as the lead architect.  The building was constructed by McMath Construction.

Sanctuary (Worship Space)

An artistic depiction of Redeemer's new sanctuary is shown below:

Redeemer Lutheran Church Sanctuary

Stained Glass Windows

Redeemer's new sanctuary includes stained glass windows designed, built, and installed by Laws Stained Glass Studios.

The side windows feature scenes from the life of Christ.  One example is shown below:

Full Window - Crucifixion

The individual scenes from the life of Christ are shown below (Nativity of Jesus; Baptism of Jesus; Jesus Walking on the Water; Jesus' Sermon on the Mount; Jesus Washing His Disciples' Feet; Crucifixion of Our Lord; Risen Jesus with Emmaus Disciples; Ascension of Our Lord).

Nativity     Baptism     Walking on Water     Sermon on the Mount

Washing Feet   Crucifixion     Road to Emmaus     Ascension

The wall behind the altar includes a round window with a dove, representing the Holy Spirit:

Round Window - Dove - Holy Spirit


Redeemer's new sanctuary includes pews built and installed by Wells Church Furniture.


We thank all those who have contributed their time, labor, skills, offerings, ideas, and prayers over the course of this building project!  For all that has been done, may the Lord be praised!